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At CVR Search, we don’t’ believe that “The Job Interview” has to be a staid, ritualistic event in which questions and answers are overly-prepared or stylized. Often in interviews, a tendency develops where both interviewer and interviewee fall into a predictable pattern from which little substance is revealed about a candidate and little trust between parties is gained.

In flat interviews of this type, the tone often leads to an awkward dance where the employer is saying, “Prove to me I should hire you,” and the candidate responds with, “Let me show who you how I can impress you.” We believe in a more genuine interview process. As a result, our clients will make better hiring decisions.


We use the types of questions and strategies shown below to change the feel and pace of an interview. Such questions help shift the candidate into a more relaxed position and foster an environment in which more is learned about the candidate and about the available position.

  • What makes you good at your job?

We are careful not to settle for the first-level responses only. If a candidate says that s/he is very organized and a good time manager, has good people skills, etc., we don’t take the statement at face value. Using follow up questions such as, “What makes you a good organizer/time manager/people person?” give us a much better sense of a candidate’s abilities.

  • Do you like your current job? 

Many candidates are so used to answering open-ended questions that they have difficulty answering direct yes or no queries. But this question is effective when candidates try are vague about their job preferences, as many interview coaches will train candidates them to be. Alternatively, we may use, “What do you like about your current job?”

  • What don’t you like about your current job?

When answering a question like this, a candidate may demonstrate qualities we want to know about. Honesty or straightforwardness on the one hand, and rancor or negativity on the other hand are traits that may be revealed here.

  • Brag about yourself for me.

  • How could your skills be better used in your current or your next job?

  • How do you cope with stress? What relaxes you in and out of the workplace?

  • What would your supervisor say is your greatest strength and greatest area for improvement?

These types of questions often take candidates by surprise! Many candidates are used to answering questions about their skills from the overly-stylized perspective of stating what are their own strengths and weaknesses. Asking instead, for instance, “What would a supervisor say?” provides us with an opportunity to see how the candidate thinks on her/his feet. It is also an invaluable gauge for learning of how much a candidate has reflected upon and applied available feedback to improving performance during her/his career.

  • Provide me with an example of a time where something you did in the workplace saved your company money and/or created a more efficient work flow?

Often we follow up and ask for specifics such as, “How much money did it save you company?” or “Explain precisely how the change you initiated made your office run more efficiently?”

  • We allow for silence in the interview for select, limited time periods.

Candidates who become fidgety or uncomfortable in the interview during such silences may be overly nervous in general, and thus may not fit well within an office culture.

  • We trust our gut. If we need more information or clearer explanations, we don’t hesitate to take the time to go further with the interview. 

In many cases the question we want to ask, the question that needs to be asked, can be invited in a manner that maintains the necessary professional dignity of the interview process.

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